• Lyre's Lombardia Rossa
    Sure to help you feign a glorious summer getaway at Lake Como, this cocktail heralds from the foothills of the exquisite Lombardy region in Northern Italy.
  • Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Lucky Cocktail
    Why pin a shamrock to your lapel, when you can pin it to your drink! Delve into the lush and lucky emerald green flush of a Lyre's Lucky.
  • Lyre's Spritz De Passione
    En underbar kombination av lite bitter apelsin, sommarfrukter och färsk citrus med en touch av brusiga bubblor i varje klunk. Detta är bokstavligen solsken på en egen strand, i ett glas, kallt. Varsågod, det var så lite så.
  • Lyre's Old Cuban
    Originally titled El Cubano, this mojito style cocktail is another modern classic hailing from the Pegu Club NYC and one that will definitely stand the test of time. With the addition Lyre's Dark Cane, bitters and sparkling wine.
  • Lyre's Pink Lady
    Positively blushing with the addition of Pink London Spirit this classi rebon delivers a delightful balance of fresh fruit and savouriness that will have you seeing through rosé-coloured glasses. An enchanting sour that is class in a glass.
  • Lyre's Pink London Negroni
    Pink London Spirit alongside Apéritif Rosso and Italian Spritz creates a twist on the Negroni that offers an aria of flavour, singing with aromas of rosehip and a wildberry backbone that complements the bittersweet symphony of citrus. Bellisimo!
  • Lyre's Pink London Spritz
    Spritz is a vibe. Simple and delicious, this spritz can take the dip with either tonic, soda water or lemonade for a sweeter finish. In this liquid kitchen it's your time to shine. Top with a lemon wheel and berry of choiceâ€Â¦Mwah, chef's kiss!
  • Lyre's Pink London G&T
    This summer sipper with a twist will keep you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. This refreshing highball is the perfect serve for the cookout or sitting courtside at Wimbledon. Game. Set. Match!
  • Recept för alkoholfri Boulivardier-mocktail
    Ta en Negroni, byt ut gin mot ett generöst stänk av American Malt så är ni, min bäste herre, redo att flanera längs vilken boulevard som helst denna afton.
  • Recept för alkoholfri Italian Highball-mocktail
    Italian Highball är en brusande lyckokänsla. Blanda bubblor av tonic och läsk för att väcka Lyre's Italian Spritz till liv i en godare och mer hälsosam variant av en spritz.
  • Alkoholfri Americano mocktail recept
    Like the Dove I met in Florence with dreams of seeing America. He made it as far as Portugal before his life was cut wistfully short by a particularly spotless window. A toast to my favourite aperitif and my would be Americano.




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