• Lyre's Pink Lady
    Positively blushing with the addition of Pink London Spirit this classi rebon delivers a delightful balance of fresh fruit and savouriness that will have you seeing through rosé-coloured glasses. An enchanting sour that is class in a glass.
  • Lyre's Pink London Spritz
    Spritz is a vibe. Simple and delicious, this spritz can take the dip with either tonic, soda water or lemonade for a sweeter finish. In this liquid kitchen it's your time to shine. Top with a lemon wheel and berry of choiceâ€Â¦Mwah, chef's kiss!
  • Lyre's Pink London G&T
    This summer sipper with a twist will keep you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. This refreshing highball is the perfect serve for the cookout or sitting courtside at Wimbledon. Game. Set. Match!
  • Non-Alcoholic Spritz Recipe #2 Pitcher Mocktail Recipe
    Ta Dry London Spirit och addera Italian Orange, fyll på med lite soda så kan du snart dansa till Puttin 'On The Spritz. Många som vill dansa? Gör en hel kanna!
  • Alkoholfri Pink Gin Fizz mocktail recept
    Denna cocktail är så jolly English att klockorna i Big Ben stannar. Något att sippa på under Wimbledon eller vid en stilla promenad med drottningens favorit-Corgi. En artig blandning av Dry London spirit, flädertonic och apelsinblomma.
  • Alkoholfri Spritz recept #2 mocktail recept
    Have you seen the well to do, up and down Park Avenue with this beverage in their mitts? Take Dry London Spirit, add Italian Orange then drizzle with soda, and you too will be Puttin' on the Spritz.
  • Recept för alkoholfri gin och tonic (G&T) | Lyre’s
    There's nothing quite like a Summer afternoon at the elephant polo enjoying a G&T with friends. And we're not referring to an issue of Giggle & Toff, the magazine for trust fund babies (although it is a frightfully super read!).




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