• Recept för alkoholfri Amaretti (Amaretto) Affogato-mocktail | Lyre’s
    It takes round the clock attention and the strictest of diets, to look this effortlessly exquisite. But when the dinner fork's laid down and the dessert cart rolls out, all bets are off. One simply must find time to treat oneself.
  • Non-Alcoholic Amaretto Sour Spirit Recipe
    This is a concoction for those who like things a little sweet and a little sour, but always with a cherry on top. It's also a tad almondy and egg whitey, which rather throws out the whole sweet and sour analogy. Bother. Oh well. Onwards and upward...
  • Lyre's Orchard Fizz Non-Alcoholic Cocktail
    Denna cocktail är sommarens innersta väsen. Den utmärkta kombinationen av London Dry Spirit, Amaretti och Lyre's Apéritif Dry är som att bita i en fräscht, krispigt Granny Smith. Ljuvligt!
  • Lyre's Lombardia Rossa
    Sure to help you feign a glorious summer getaway at Lake Como, this cocktail heralds from the foothills of the exquisite Lombardy region in Northern Italy.




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